Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yoga Does Your Body Image Good!

After a lifetime of unhappiness with her body, Melissa Holland made peace with herself through yoga. "Yoga to me is not just another form of exercise," she says. "I feel like it is much more than just being on the mat in a studio. I practice yoga off the mat in my everyday life. Since I started doing yoga, I have began to have so much more respect for my body." Check out here article here.

Holland is not the only one, though. A study conducted at San Jose State University even showed that "female yoga practitioners attribute their positive feelings and sense of well-being to yoga practice and report less self-objectification, greater satisfaction with physical appearance and fewer disordered eating attitudes compared to non-yoga practitioners."

What are some ways you've noticed your own body image changing because of yoga?


  1. Are 10 minutes per day fine for practicing yoga? Or at least: is there a minimum amount of time people should perform yoga to get any results?

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