Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June Pose of the Month: Gomukhasana (Cow Face)

By Rebecca Merritt

Take a time out in Cow Face Pose this June. Gomukhasana is a total body stretch, and thus is great at helping just about all the aches and pains that ail you. So named because the placement of knees and feet in this pose make the shape look like a cow’s face, we at New York Yoga think it makes you look just stunning.


  • stretches the ankles, hips and thighs, shoulders, armpits and triceps, and chest
  • helps in relieving pain in hip and lower extremities
  • helps release stress & tension
  • beneficial in backache, sciatica and rheumatism
How To:
1. Find a comfortable seat and stretch the legs out long in front of you in Dandasana – staff pose. Bend your right knee and cross the right leg over the left. Begin to stack your knees as you bring the right heel beside the left hip.

2. Shift the weight slightly to you left as you bend the left knee and draw the left foot next too the right hip and reestablish an even seat.

3. Knees should be stacked and pointing forward, heels should be just outside the hips. (You can use your hands to draw the ankles back to help get into this shape.) Sit evenly on the sits bones.

1. Stretch the left arm up by the ear, roll the shoulder blade down the back to create space for the neck, bend the elbow and bring the left fingertips between the shoulder blades as if patting yourself on the back. 

2. Lengthen the right arm out to the side, face the palm towards the back of the room – thumb will point towards the floor. Bend the right elbow and reach the right fingertips towards your left – clasping fingers if you can. If the fingertips or palms do not reach, take hold of the back of your shirt, or unwind and reset up using a strap to make up the distance.

3. Draw the elbows in towards the body as you sit up tall. Left elbow will reach towards ceiling as the right reaches for the floor. Continue to ground through both sits bones.

To come out of the pose release the arms and uncross the legs. Repeat on the other side. 

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