Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Teacher of the Month: Cara Anselmo

By Rebecca Merritt

When I asked Cara Anselmo’s student, Susan Fisse, to describe what she liked about Cara’s class she had so many beautiful, spot-on, things to say! In fact, she sums up Cara’s class so perfectly I give you her perfect words…

“As soon as you enter one of Cara's classes each student is greeted by her calm and soothing demeanor. She sets the tone early on for a tranquil class. The class itself moves through the sequencing with Cara's concise explanations of the asanas, eliminating any confusion or lifting your head to figure out if you are positioned properly.

During class, Cara will often share a thoughtful or provoking experience so her students can ponder upon it. She also has her students set an intention and later in class reminds them to carry this intention with them. Cara offers variations of poses so students can explore their own personal edge.

Cara offers a spectacular class including all the elements of yoga. I personally look forward to every class I take with Cara because she always offers up her warmth, exceptional sequencing, which she changes every week, and a calmness that carries with me beyond the studio.”

Visit Cara at the York Studio: on Fridays at 6:30pm, and on Saturdays at 8:20am and 11:35am.

When did you first discover yoga?
I first took a yoga class at a gym when I moved to NYC about 15 years ago. I was unsettled, and it helped me sleep at night.

How long have you been teaching?
5 years

What makes your class unique?
It's not just going through a sequence of poses (as much as I love a good, hard workout). It's making yoga your offering, and a tool to be kind to yourself and others.

What is your favorite pose to teach?
I suppose tadasana. It's the foundation for everything else.

What is you favorite pose to practice?
Hanumanasana. It is the ultimate pose of devotion and heart opening. My hamstrings and hips don't let me come all the way to the ground, which frustrates me, but motivates me to stay with my breath, and reminds me to keep it real!

Best advice for beginners?
There are many, many ways to practice yoga. It’s not just a class you go to. Take what works into your life, and leave what doesn't. If it's not the right time, well, yoga isn't going anywhere. If it is right, savor it.

Best advice for more advanced yogis?
Appreciate and acknowledge your strengths; false humility is no good. But remember you always have more to learn, and that learning can come from the most unexpected of places.

Reader Questions…

Has your Masters in Nutrition influenced your yoga practice or teaching?
I see a lot of nutrition fads come and go, especially in the yoga community. Everyone eats, so everyone thinks they are an expert! Understanding the science is as integral for me as following and promoting a sattvic and compassionate diet.

Passions besides yoga?
I love to run. To me, it's the closest thing I can do as an adult to "going outside to play". And I love to bake. I have a huge sweet tooth.

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