Monday, April 18, 2011


The entire practice of yoga is dedicated to the pursuit of complete clarity, freedom from any other thoughts in your practice. But then there are the moments that happen like little bursts of fresh air, the times when a pose or when your entire yoga practice feels just perfect. MindBodyGreen writer Haleigh Forbes calles this the "yogasm." As she writes in the MindBodyGreen blog:

"A yogasm will come in different ways for everyone. Perhaps you just kicked up into handstand for your first time, or you successfully took your first ujjayi breathe. The best part? You are not born with a predetermined amount of yogasms -- you can have any many as your beautiful self creates. But take note, they should be cherished and remembered, so that when you are lacking passion and motivation you can turn to them for inspiration."

When was your last yogasm, and what brought it on?

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