Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5 Questions For Yoga Practice

In the Yoga Journal blog Nectar, blogger and yogi Erica Rodefer of SpoiledYogi poses (no pun intended) five questions we should ask ourselves about our yoga practice. She reminds us to take a look at our yoga practice as a whole and question whether or not we are helping ourselves evolve as yogis. Here are the five questions she recommends asking: 

1. What is the real intention behind my yoga practice?

2. Am I getting the results I'm seeking from this style/school/teacher/class? Should I even worry about results?

3. Do I really feel better after I practice than before? Am I more energized or less? Is my mind calmer and less stressed? Is rushing to get to the studio more trouble than it's worth?

4. Am I too comfortable with my current sequence/teacher/studio? Is it time for a change? Should I force change or let it evolve naturally?

5. Should I devote more time to my yoga practice or explore new ways to de-stress?

 What questions do you ask yourself to make sure you are growing through your yoga practice?

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