Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall 2010 Retreat Highlights: It was a Yoga Miracle

  • Beginning the day with a car rental pick up 'Um, excuse me sir, you want me to fit 3 people, 11 mats, 11 bolsters, blocks and straps in a Volkswagen beetle?'. Thankfully, we were given a larger car, at least where trunk space was concerned and got on the road. Not without first leaving the trunk open as we pulled away and then noticing that I had inadvertently popped the hood somewhere on the Harlem River Drive. Road trips are not without their bumps, right?
  • Hot apple cider upon arrival at The Waterfall House. Thanks Chad!
  • Tag team yoga with Jenny and Jimmy first night followed by the first of many amazing meals by Paco. Rain? What rain? 
  • The. Hot. Tub.
  • Waterfall hikes!
  • No cell service! Eep!
  • Saturday night Kirtan - Thanks Sarah for getting creative with the bouncy ball
  • Paco
  • Yoga photos for all! 
  • Wood burning fires
  • 5 amazing yoga classes
  • Perfect Durga Puja to close the retreat

Thank you to everyone that made our first retreat wonderful!
  Save the Date! - Summer 2011 - Mid-June!

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  1. Oh HILARIOUS LeighAnn! Very well summed up. We'll make June even more fun by adding an outdoors Yoga class, Star Gazing, and swimming at the base of the Waterfall!