Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Yes, "Universal Practice" Does Include the Men!

Men, we understand the feeling of walking into a room filled with women and yoga mats can be daunting. Sure, you may have never come to practice yoga before because you believed that is was just about stretching and being in touch with your feelings. But, now that you're in the classroom and surrounded by female yogi's... you can't help but to feel out of place and uncomfortable. Halfway through the practice, you have most likely realized: this yoga thing it's exactly what you had imagined.

Here is what Stephen Walkiewicz at Men's Fitness has to say:
Going into my first-ever yoga session, I can see that I had this yoga thing completely misunderstood no matter how much credit I tried to give it. To me, it was just a silly stretch workout that vaguely had something to do with meditation-granola munching fluff. I couldn't have been more wrong. It's an intense workout that is physically and emotionally demanding.
More and more, we are seeing men taking the leap to join their first class and then coming back for more every day following. In Western culture, yoga marketing has been very faithful to female yogis by featuring women in clothing advertisements and yoga blogs. We believe yoga to be a universal practice, meaning all can profoundly benefit from being on the mat. Men, if you haven't made the jump to beginning your first class, don't be fooled by the view from outside looking in. Some of our most dedicated students and teachers are strong male yogis who have found the practice to be emotionally and physically challenging... so much so we see them every day of the week!

Don't be intimated, it's your practice too. Here's to the man on the mat!

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