Friday, August 17, 2012

Yoga at JC Penney?

Looking to "transform" the branding and presentation of the JC Penney stores, its new chief Ron Johnson is looking to bring yoga to stores! Johnson, who is the former retail chief of Apple, is looking to bring in new technology to the stores as well, writes Abram Brown in Forbes:

"He talked more about what J.C. Penney’s store layout will become: Wider aisles encircling a central location called The Square, a place where moms practice yoga and children receive haircuts. The individual modules that ring The Square will be grouped by brands or by theme, accompanied by spiffy technology—iPads, of course, which rank as the least surprising aspect of Friday’s presentation by Johnson, the former Apple retail chief, and impressive Oracle gadgets."

What do you think? Would you do yoga at JC Penney? Would you go to JC Penney if it meant you could do yoga there?

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