Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Momentary Mindfulness

Business author and advisor Dr. Annie McKee is a busy lady, so when her brain and body need moments of respite, she has to create to create them in the seconds she has available. She calls this phenomenon momentary mindfulness, in which you encourage yourself to take a step outside of mundane tasks and find the beauty in the everyday. As she writes in her article on The Huffington Post:

"Every so often during the day, I remind myself to tune in to myself, my environment, and others. I don't pick the moments ahead of time, or have any regular times of day. When the thought or mood strikes me, I meditate for 30 seconds, a minute or two. It might be when I'm getting ready to feed my dogs in the morning. Instead of rushing through the task, I slow down a bit, take a few deep breaths, and then call them. That tiny moment of mindfulness opens me up to their crazy, wonderful joy and I can actually feel how much they love me and I love them." 

If you find yourself rushing too much through life, try to add momentary mindfulness to give you perspective. You may even find that it begins to positively affect your yoga practice!


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