Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Top 5 Yoga Holiday Gifts

The holiday countdown has begun, and with mere days until we're exchanging gifts, why not shower your yoga friends and loved ones with yoga gifties? We've chosen some of our favorite for the season, all of which are available at our Hot Studio and York Studio boutiques.

1. Jade Yoga Mats
Eco-friendly and skidless, these yoga mats last a long time. In a variety of colors and thicknesses, you can't go wrong!

 2. Indego Africa Yoga Mat Bag
These fair-trade yoga bags from Indego Africa come in a variety of patterns, and are perfect for the yogi on the go. All bags are made by the Cocoki women's cooperative in Rwanda.

 3. Toesox

Strengthen foot muscles, increase circulation and improve posture with Toesox for yoga! "Toed" and "un-toed" Toesox with grips are available in a variety of colors, too.

 4. Happy Yoga by Steve Ross

Master Yogi Steve Ross traveled the world to better his practice, and found along the way that a lot of the humor the Eastern masters used was missing from Western yogic culture. In this book, though, he instructs us on how to find it again.

5. New York Yoga Bandanna

Beat the heat and snag a cotton New York Yoga Bandanna for your favorite New York Yogi, also in a variety of colors.

Happy holidays!

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