Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meet the Teacher of the Month

Don't let the sweet smile fool you - Sara DeLaney delivers a challenging Hot Vinyasa flow class that will leave you sweating. She will push you but leave you asking for more, because her classes are a perfect blend of power and playfulness. Expect to hold utkatasana while you groove to Sara's fabulous music and encouraging words.

Check out Sara after work on Monday night at 8:15pm Hot Vinyasa and Friday night at 5:15pm Hot Vinyasa. Or if you are an early bird, come start your morning right with 6:20am Hot Vinyasa on Tuesday or Friday - Sara's radiance with surely leave you ready to take on any day.

When did you first discover yoga?
Yoga has always sort of been in my awareness and I took classes here and there, but I fell for yoga when I took my first class at Zuda Yoga in Sacramento, California.

It was one of those mat to mat, wall to wall classes and I almost left. Then, at one point during the class, we burst into a random dance party - it was one of the greatest most powerful moments I've ever experienced.

How long have you been teaching?
Coming on two years now. I first started teaching at Sac Ballet while I was in training - jumped into the fire while still learning. It was great.

What makes your class unique?
I think I have a good balance between the challenge of my class mixed with the sometimes silliness of it. I like to structure my class around my music too - music being the second most important piece in my life.

What is your favorite pose to teach?
Utkatasana - because it's hard. With the challenge comes a lot of possibility and opportunity.

What is your favorite pose to practice?
It changes daily - but lately I've really been digging triangle pose. It's a pose that usually comes right at the point in class where I'm ready to open - and that pose is meant to open you up.

Best advice for beginners?
Don't come with any expectations. Just know that wherever you are is exactly where you're meant to be.

Best advice for more advanced yogis?
Remember why you first started coming onto your mat in the first place. People tend to get caught up in perfecting the poses, or having the best practice, and being a 'true yogi'...but that really just means showing up.

What is your biggest yoga pet peeve?
Lack of awareness - specifically if you come late and the class has started but we haven't said our Oms yet. Just wait and then come in - because you are more than welcome as soon as we're done.

Reader questions...

If you could practice yoga anywhere in the world, where would it be?
It's going to sound silly but at Zuda, where I did my training, because it's where my teachers are and it's where my yoga-heart is.

When you're having a bad day, what yoga poses help calm your nerves?
I do a lot of ujjayi breathing which really helps, but the pose that calms my nerves the most is child's pose.

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