Friday, May 7, 2010

New York Yoga Opens New Annex to Teacher Training Program

May 7, 2010, NYC: Today New York Yoga, the Upper East Side’s first yoga studio, announced the opening of a new annex space, as the permanent home of its Yoga Alliance Certified 200hr Teacher Training program.

The 1300 square foot annex, located in New York Yoga’s office space on 81st Street, opened this spring, and will begin serving as headquarters for the studio’s teacher training program when the summer session commences May 15 under the direction of veteran yoga instructor Carl Horowitz.

New York Yoga’s teacher training program began with the inception of the studio over a decade ago and continues to be an integral part of its identity within New York’s yoga community.

“Because of the unique group of teachers participating in the training and our individual skills, I do not think there is another Yoga Teacher Training out there that can offer this kind of perspective,” says Horowitz.

Horowitz, with the help of assistant director Jenny Gammello, will lead trainees through an intensive training curriculum on Saturdays and Sundays through October 3, which focuses on affording them a solid understanding of the basic principles of Yoga philosophy from a perspective that makes the ancient teachings of this 5,000-year-old practice relevant to the life and practice of program participants today, while also assisting them with the development and enriched understanding of the body, postures and flow sequences discovered only in the deeper lessons of a teacher training program.

“In truth, the beautiful thing about teacher training is that anyone whose goal is to learn more and deepen their practice is an ideal candidate for taking a teacher training program,” Horowitz says. “It really is such an amazing process that someone who is just beginning to practice Yoga will get an amazing amount out of it and learn a lot about themselves as they deepen their practice, and someone who has been practicing for years will get an amazing amount out of it as well. There are so many levels of subtlety to the work that it is really just as great a process whether your goal is to teach or simply to go deeper into your own practice.”

New York Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Registered training facility, and all trainees, upon completion of the program, earn a 200hr New York Yoga Teacher Training Certificate and are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour-level certified teacher.

“Training is really an amazing process,” says Horowitz. “It is great to see how much each of the trainees grows and changes through the training program because from the process of deepening your own practice and learning to help guide someone else through practice intelligently, you begin to see a lot more about yourself on and off the mat.”

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