Monday, November 30, 2009

Slow Down The Season

- Rebecca Merritt

Goodbye, November 30th - hello, December 1st! Another month comes to a close as I sit here printing New York Yoga schedules full of exciting classes and workshops for December. I am not sure how November flew by so quickly, but it does make me wonder how to make sure December does not do the same.

The Holidays can make us feel like we are ever in a hurry. This year, I am going to try to make time for rest during all my rushing around. I should note that by rest I do not mean getting to bed early. To rest or to relax is to give up all effort, silence the mind, and allow the body time to recuperate from our hectic daily lives.

If you have never taken Restorative Yoga this is the perfect time to add a class to your practice. Even if your practice is fast-paced, you are already familiar with a few restorative asanas – legs up the wall, child’s pose and savasana all fall into the restorative category. How often do we rejoice at the opportunity to be in these poses? Make some time for rest this season by giving yourself the gift of Restorative Yoga. Come check out a class full of gentle twists, breath and props to support you when you need it most this holiday season. I will see you there.

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